If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures!

Are you considering adding video to your budget? Video production can range from a few hundred dollars for a whiteboard or explainer video to tens of thousands of dollars for a full-blown professional video advertisement.

If properly scripted and laid out, a video immerses your audience in your story – and offers a richer, more nuanced experience than other media. You can turn awesome written content into a video to give it a whole new life, new appeal and new audience.

Before considering adding video to your budget, you need to answer the question, why? What is the purpose?

Knowing the video’s purpose is critical because it dictates:

  • Where the video will be hosted
  • The type of video to be used for target audience
  • Whether or not a call-to-action is used
  • The distribution strategy
  • How content will be presented

Knowing firsthand your video’s intended purpose increases the chance that every single one of your videos is viewed by the proper audience. There are many different types of videos, but from the point of view of intended purpose, there are three categories:

  1. Videos that attract people to your website
  2. Videos that persuade people to buy your products or services
  3. Videos to help people who’ve bought your products or services to actually use them
  1. Attract People to Website

Since the main goal for this type of video is to get as many people as possible to view your website, you might publish the attraction video on YouTube, Facebook, other people’s blogs or websites, other social media, and more. The call-to-action becomes directing the audience to the website. Optimizing your videos and linking to/from your website has the added bonus of assisting in the optimization of the website. Get your attraction video strategy right and your videos will send targeted traffic to your website 24/7.  When using video in Content Marketing, the attraction video is the video type you will make the most of.

  1. Videos that Persuade People

A sales video is a video that persuades people to buy your products or services. Common wisdom is that a sales video will always outperform good sales letters by a factor of up to 10 times. The call-to-action is simple; ‘buy my stuff!’

  1. Products or Services Usage Video

This type of video enables those who have purchased your product or service to use it most efficiently. These videos:

  • Assist in optimizing user comfort with product or service
  • Makes your organization more credible
  • In some instances, provides the ability to subliminally upsell (be careful with that one)


We discussed the importance of knowing the intended purpose of the video. We described the three main purposes. In the next post, we will discuss the different styles and types of videos, and how to optimize a style for your audience.